As interest in off-road racing continues to grow and receives interest not only from cable networks, but also in film (“Dust to Glory” released in 2004 documented the Baja 1000), it is natural that sponsors who have in the past participated in other forms of racing now move to this new venue. There are a number of marketing opportunities with Team Hummer Storm Racing.

At each race the entire team is required to go through “contingency row” in uniform, prior to entering the technical inspection area.  This is an opportunity for spectators to view the vehicles, teams and sponsors’ products and to get driver autographs or photos with the teams.  It is usual for teams to pass out autographed postcards with their photo and logos of all their sponsors to the fans.  At many races, particularly the ones in Mexico, this area also has live entertainment.

Logo Placement
The simplest and most obvious is to purchase a space on the race vehicle to display your company logo which will also be embroidered on the crew shirts, t-shirts and drivers and co-drivers racing suits.  Your logo will also appear on the 10,000 postcards we will distribute during the contingency row parade.  We will be producing a DVD of each race, with cameras inside and outside the truck.  This DVD will be available to all sponsors.

Corporate Promotions
We will make both the truck and team available between races to appear at conventions, corporate meetings or other events your company may hold throughout the year.  Additionally there are opportunities to offer incentives to your sales force or other employees to participate in the races as part of the support team or perhaps act as co-driver during an actual race.

Additional Contingency Row Opportunities
A sponsor with the right product is able to setup a tent in the contingency area to promote/sell or give away their products to the teams and thousands of spectators.  Many sponsors offer either financial or product incentives to the teams that use their products, but other sponsors use this opportunity to introduce new products or services directly to the general public.  Team Hummer Storm can assist you in promoting your product on Contingency Row.

Live TV
Many of the races are televised either on network or cable channels.  This year’s Baja 1000 will be televised on NBC.  Team Hummer Storm has equipped our truck with onboard audio and video and will be making these feeds available to the networks.  This offers another opportunity for sponsors to have their logos seen during the races.