John Herman
Big John

John Herman has been involved in off-road racing for 20 years.  John started as chase/pit support where he contributed his skill to many teams.

In 1991 John built his own class 4 race truck which he piloted to 2nd in class for the 1992 season.  John placed first in class 4/8 in the inaugural 1996 BITD (Best in the Desert) Vegas to Reno race.

John worked with Rod Hall for 3 years running promotional events for the company as well as supporting the Hummer Racing Team.

John was part of the Rod Hall Wamberg Team that participated in the Paris Dakar event, one of the first teams driving an American vehicle with an all American team in the Dakar.  As one of the mechanics for the team he helped insure that the two truck team finished the rally.

John has been co-driver for the Edro racing team for many years.  He has also covered many miles with the Brothers Eric and Terry Henn.  He has been co-driver and backup driver for the Class 7 vehicle that the Edro team also races.