Gardner Armstrong
The Brain

Gardner Armstrong, owner and proprietor of Ground Mobility Solutions is a Motor Sports Engineer based out of Grimes, California.  He is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Gardner has worked within the industry for more than 15 years establishing a solid background in racing and working with race vehicles.  He has taught off-road driving classes and workshops for drivers that want to develop and improve their skills.  His interests in racing began early in his life and have continued to influence and solidify his decision to remain active in the racing industry.  Gardner was raised on the family ranch located in Northern California and at an early age he was exposed to desert racing.  This background furthered his interests and fascination with the mechanics of the sport.

Gardner has worked extensively with Hummers, primarily with the Humvee’s and the original H1 series.  He has a wide variety of experiences working within the motor sports industry on vehicles ranging from the circle tracks to the off-road desert races.  His work experience includes Sprint Cars, Ford Rangers, Jeeps, Hummers, Pro-Trucks and similar vehicles.

His goal is to be the best and to still be as safe as possible.  He both designs and fabricates needed parts and mechanisms of the vehicle for completing his goals for the vehicle’s success.  He’s a perfectionist with the desire to win.  His organizational skills set him apart from others within the motor sports industry.  His reputation is of meeting established goals and working within specific timelines, even those that are most challenging.

Gardner firmly believes that with the strength of the vehicle he designs and maintains that “You’ll run out of TALENT before you run out of TRUCK.